Yoga at Race Street Pier

June 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tonight I went to an outdoor yoga class for the first time ever.  While I have been practicing yoga on and off for over a decade, I tended to shy away from outdoor yoga classes in the city.  Lately however I feel pretty secure doing something like yoga in public so I decided to give it a shot.  A local studio I practice at, Amrita Yoga & Wellness in Fishtown, is having an outdoor by donation summer series of yoga classes at the lovely Race Street Pier.  All proceeds go to Street Tails Animal Rescue of Northern Liberties.  Since Race Street Pier is within walking distance from my apartment (a little over 1 mile) I decided it would be a nice to check it out.

My main fear was that there wouldn’t really be anyone there.  For some reason this is always a fear of mine because I am much more comfortable being a random face in the crowd rather than have any focus on me.  But given that it was also the first class of this series there was only one other person there for the class other than the instructor, a woman who worked planning events for the waterfront.  The class was one hour from 6:30PM – 7:30PM and while basic, it also was a very energizing and grounding practice.  Doing yoga on the waterfront was highly enjoyable, especially being that I am a person who is naturally drawn to water.  It was pretty neat to see the bridge and New Jersey while standing in various asanas (and the Philadelphia skyline when in downward dog).  It was also a bit disorienting to look up during an asana and seeing nothing but the clear, blue sky.  Definitely quite different than being bound by four walls.  I definitely hope to take more classes in the series and hope that it catches on and more people begin to show up.

After yoga I couldn’t resist grabbing a beer and some tacos at Morgan’s Pier, which is a new spot that just opened on the riverfront in Philadelphia only a few feet away from Race Street Pier.  I was a bit hesitant to do this as I was obviously in my yoga clothes, but it seemed early enough that it wouldn’t really be a big deal.  There were many people there who were headed to the Radiohead show across the river, which made me feel a both nostalgic and a bit old for some reason because the last time I saw Radiohead was at this show in 1997.  But anyway…

I had actually been to Morgan’s Pier once already this past Saturday.  It is a gorgeous spot right near the Ben Franklin Bridge with a great view of the boats on the Delaware River.  The beer selection is fairly decent, though somewhat a standard craft beer selection for Philadelphia and the prices are a bit on the higher side compared to other places.  However the small food menu is also nice and well priced so it kind of balances out.

I got the Avery IPA (replaced the Bell’s Two Hearted, which I like a lot and haven’t had in awhile) and an order of fish tacos.  I have had the Avery IPA before and it is a nice, drinkable IPA.  Definitely refreshing after yoga and in the summer heat.  The fish tacos were also pretty standard and filling enough for me.  The only minor complaint is that I would have probably preferred a corn tortilla.

Morgan’s Pier really is a lovely spot and far more my style than other other bar-type place on the Philadelphia waterfront (haven’t been to any of them because I know better).  However I think it would still be a place that I probably wouldn’t necessarily want to go to on weekend nights and later during the busier weeknights.  But for weekend day drinking and early evening drinks?  Yes, please.  As I said before I am quite drawn to the water, so for someone stuck in the city I will embrace a decent place where I can have drinks and a bite to eat by the water despite it all.  So if anyone would like to do some yoga with me on Race Street Pier and grab a beer at Morgan’s Pier with me afterwards please let me know!


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