Fairmount Farmers’ Market

June 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

I am a farmers’ market junkie so I love hitting up as many as I can, wherever I can.  I grew up in a farm town in Southern New Jersey where I would often pick fresh fruits and vegetables with my grandmother, both in her garden and the farm behind her house.  I love eating foods in the freshest possible state and supporting local farmers and businesses.  Anyway, I hit up the Fairmount Farmers’ Market today for the first time, being that I was in already shopping in the area.  The Fairmount Farmers’ Market takes place every Thursday from 3PM – 7PM at 22nd and Fairmount Street.  It is small compared to some of the other Philadelphia farmers’ markets, but a solid selection of goods.  And hey, at least it is something considering Northern Liberties somehow has no farmers’ market at all.  Fairmount is part of the Food Trust’s large network of farmers’ markets in Philadelphia (here is the complete list).

I didn’t get too much because I haven’t really planned many meals out yet and I hate seeing food go to waste.  Plus I will likely visit Headhouse Farmers’ Market on Sunday, which is part of my normal routine to run down there whenever it is open and I am around.  But I am very excited about the things I did get:

  • Kale – New Growth Project ($2)
  • Carrots – New Growth Project ($2)
  • Onion – Countryside Bakery & Farm ($1)
  • Zucchini – Countryside Bakery & Farm ($1)
  • Strawberries – Countryside Bakery & Farm ($3)
  • Cranberry Almond Goat Cheese – Sunny Side Goat Dairy ($3.75)

I am probably going to use most everything in salads aside from the zucchini, which I will likely scramble with some eggs.  Hopefully I can plan the rest of the produce season out better and start canning massive amounts of stuff.  Things have been so hectic that I haven’t done anything yet!


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