Massaged Kale and Poached Egg Salad

June 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I came across this article, which is apparently a part of Bon Appetit’s My Morning Routine series.  In it they interview Aubrey Plaza, best known as April in NBC’s Parks and Recreation, about her morning routine (obviously).  I have a total girl crush on Aubrey Plaza so of course I had to take a look.  In it she mentions that her dream breakfast is a poached egg with kale salad.  HELLO!  Why had I never thought of this?  I love kale (also obvious) and I love eggs.  I love eggs on salad.  I have never made a kale salad with an egg however.  So naturally, I knew this had to happen sooner or later.

I had this salad in mind when I bought kale at the farmers’ market yesterday.  I also decided I would incorporate the carrots I bought since they were purchased on a whim.  I decided to use this raw Tuscan kale salad recipe from 101 Cookbooks.  I had to pick up a few of the extras like a lemon, cheese, and bread that I didn’t already have on hand.  Since I don’t use much cheese on my own and would rather have a quality product, I usually rely on the selection of remnants at Whole Foods to fit my needs.  I did not see any Pecorino, but I did see a small chunk of ricotta salata and thought that would be perfect.

Massaged kale salads are a really easy way to use kale without cooking it, making them especially perfect for the summer.  All I did was remove the stems from my kale (I used Lacinato/Italian/Dinosaur kale) and tear it up.  Then I cut the carrots and threw them in the bowl.  I made the same dressing from the original recipe, but adapted it to my single serving needs.  I simply used 1 tsp olive oil, the juice from 1/2 a lemon, 1/8tsp minced garlic, and dashes of red pepper flakes, black pepper, and herbs de Provence (my addition). All you really need to do is pour this over the kale and toss/rub it in for a bit.  I actually left mine to sit while I went for a run along Delaware Ave (about 45 minutes).  I also toasted the bread I was using and set it aside before I left, two small pieces remnant portion of pain de campagne from Whole Foods (remnants are my friend – seriously, pay attention to these sections if you only shop for one or two and are trying to save money).

When I got back I was sweaty, hungry, and thirsty so I wasted no time trying to put the rest of this together.  I ground up the ricotta salata (I used about an ounce) and tore up the bread (the original recipe suggests processing it, but I was honestly just too lazy).  All I had left to do was poach the egg, but I had never done this before so used this tutorial from Smitten Kitchen as my guide.  I overcooked the first, but the second seemed to come out ok.  Not quite that pretty, but not bad either.

Anyway the salad was amazing.  Really satisfying and simple.  I probably would have been happier with two eggs (mostly for the yolk), but otherwise it was a very solid meal.  Of course I knew I had to have a beer with this, so I picked up a Deschutes Inversion IPA.  Deschutes (based in Oregon) isn’t distributed much out in these parts, but it seems they sent a bunch to Philadelphia in conjunction with our big annual beer week event that just recently occurred.  I have had a few Deschutes beers before then, but never this one (mostly their darker stuff like Obsidian, Black Butte, and The Abyss, which are all absolutely amazing).  Anyway this IPA was pretty well-balanced with a somewhat malty background.  I am so used to drinking the much hopper IPAs lately, so this is very different from those, but not so cloying sweet that it wasn’t an enjoyable and drinkable beer.  Overall this is probably one of the best meals I have made at home in a while, though of course it is one of the only meals I have made at home in a while.  Working on changing that again.  So thanks for the idea Aubrey Plaza.  I’ll make you a kale and poached egg salad anytime.


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