What I Ate Wednesday

June 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Not that I’m terribly exciting, but this will probably be a bit more boring than usual.  However I like the idea of documenting what I eat at least once a week and I see this feature on many blogs I read so I decided to try to make it a regular feature here (if I remember, last week I didn’t until halfway through the day).  At this point I haven’t been keeping track of my food intake daily on my own like I had to for a very long time.   Using my own judgement (in this area at least) seems to be working for me now in terms of health and weight loss.  Anyway, here is a glimpse into what I eat on a regular basis:

Breakfast: Banana and PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter.  Side Note: I only buy the Dark Chocolate Dreams when it is on sale and it happened to be on clearance at my local grocery store for $2.75 so of course my hoarder instincts set in.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, there were only two jars left for me to purchase.  I hope this means they just aren’t stocking it anymore (I can get it at Whole Foods who routinely puts it on sale and other places) and not that it isn’t being made anymore.  I saw Justin’s chocolate peanut butter was on clearance at a Whole Foods near me a couple of days later (didn’t purchase any – yet), which makes me fear that chocolate peanut butter is going to vanish from the earth.  What is going on world?

Lunch: Black bean burger on a slice of multi-grain bread cut in half with 1/4 smashed avocado and some Cholula, steamed brussels sprouts.  I actually had this for dinner last night as well.  I tend to do this often when I prepare things that are more than one serving.  I also tend to eat more brussels sprouts in one sitting than the average person who actually eats brussels sprouts.

Snack #1: Trader Joe’s Chocolate Soy Creamy bar.  These are like the TJ’s version of Tofutti Cuties if you aren’t familiar.

Snack #2: Sabra garlic hummus and carrots.

Snack #3: 2/3 of a Trader Joe’s Speculoos filled dark chocolate bar.  I need to forget these exist.  Obviously I was also feeling very snacky, though I tend to eat smaller things through the day often.  Apparently the theme this week was actually ‘Sensible Snacking’ but I wasn’t even paying attention.  Typical.

Dinner: After I went for the 2 mile run I had on the agenda I kind of didn’t know what I wanted to eat.  I decided to saute some of the pattypan squash I got at Headhouse Market the other week in olive oil and make a toad in the hole (or whatever you refer to it as).  The pattypan squash was SO DELICIOUS.  I could eat it daily!  Definitely need to buy more this Sunday.

Snack #4: String cheese.

So there it is.  Pretty typical day if I am not eating anything from outside of my kitchen.  For more head over to Peas and Crayons.


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