Weekly Recap

July 1, 2012 § Leave a comment


  • Monday – None
  • Tuesday – 3.0 mile run, 90 minute vinyasa flow yoga class
  • Wednesday – 2.0 mile run
  • Thursday – 2.0 mile run
  • Friday – None
  • Saturday – 4.0 mile run
  • Sunday – 3.0 mile run, 75 minute vinyasa flow yoga class

I felt very strong this week in terms of activity.  As I said on Friday, I began training for the Philadelphia Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon this week.  I felt fairly strong running despite the intense heat aside from Thursday, when I stopped my planned 3 mile run at 2 miles.  I did not have a run planned for today, but just really needed to get out of my head and went out for a late one.  The two yoga classes I attended this week were amazing.  My practice has grown so much this year and my body has changed in so many amazing ways.  I felt so incredibly strong while practicing this week.  If only I could really transfer that feeling of strength into the rest of my life.  Emotionally I am really struggling, mostly due to loneliness and fear of the future which I know I need to let go of.

Most memorable event of the week:  Again this was a pretty low week in many ways.  I had a hard time coming up with motivation to do much of anything.  How I felt at times when practicing yoga and running were probably the most memorable moments of my week.

Best thing I ate: I went to Memphis Taproom on Thursday to catch the Euro Cup semi-final.  I love Italian football/soccer.  While Italy surprisingly defeated Germany on Thursday, they of course lost to Spain yesterday in the final.  Rather young team for Italy however and Spain is quite the powerhouse, so it was good to see them go that far despite a poor performance in the finals.  Anyway, Memphis Taproom is my favorite place to go to in the general area that I live for both great food and great beer.  Also, I just feel really comfortable there.  I wish it were within more of a walking distance (it is well over a mile away), though I do walk to and from on occasion.  I usually have a difficult time not getting the smoked coconut club when I order food there, but this time I had the chicken fried portobello sandwich.  So good!  I should add that both of those dishes are vegan, so they have options for many dietary needs.  Great place to take a mixed group of eaters in that aspect.

Best thing I drank:  At Memphis Taproom they had Russian River Blind Pig IPA on tap, which is always a good thing.  Philadelphia is one of the few places out east where you can find Russian River beers and i you pay enough attention they can be seen on tap fairly frequently, especially at certain places.  Still, it isn’t all that common that I happen to be in the same place at the same time.  I don’t think I have had a Russian River IPA since March, yet I was out-of-state for a few months as well.  Also, while I was there the owner opened a bottle of Cuvée De Ranke, which is a blend of aged sour ales from De Ranke and lambic from Girardin.  It was nicely tart and very enjoyable.

Can’t believe that is both July and halfway through 2012 already!


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