Weekly Recap

July 8, 2012 § Leave a comment


  • Monday – None
  • Tuesday – 1.5 mile run/walk with a shelter dog, 2.5 mile run, 90 minute vinyasa flow yoga class
  • Wednesday – None
  • Thursday – 0.72 mile run to meet up with people, 2.48 mile run with group
  • Friday – 1 mile run/walk with shelter dog
  • Saturday – None
  • Sunday – 4.0 mile run, 75 minute vinyasa flow yoga class

Pretty similar to last week, though the heat switched things around a bit.  Felt ok with the runs I did get in though and the mileage ended up being what was needed in the end.  Again I have been feeling so strong in yoga class.  Such a wonderful feeling that I need more of.

Most memorable event of the week: Not something positive or that I really want to share.  I am struggling with interpersonal stuff lately and just need to let go of it.  Still in a funk and I feel as if I have little control over getting out, though that probably isn’t the case.

Best thing I ate: The Farmer’s Dog, which is a current special at The Hot Diggity. Description from the website: “The Xnipec Dog! Featuring all locally and organically grown Rainbow Chard, Xnipec (Mayan Salsa), Oregano Sour Cream, and Podding Radishes from Green Meadow Farms in Lancaster Co.”  It was as great as it sounds and looks!

Best thing I drank:  On the 4th of July I went out to TJ’s in Paoli where they were featuring several Hill Farmstead beers on tap.  I got to enjoy the Double Citra, Harlan, Nor, and Edward.  Double Citra was probably my favorite, though I always enjoy every beer I have by them.  I had tried the regular Citra before and the double definitely did not disappoint.



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