Philly Food Swap

July 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

On Wednesday night I participated in my second, and I believe what was the 4th, Philly Food Swap event!  If you have never participated in a food swap before the idea is pretty simple.  You bring a number of your homemade, pre-packaged goods that you want to trade one-for-one with others.  For this swap which had a maximum of 40 registrants I decided to bring 15 items, but it is up to the individual person in the end.  Each swapper sets up a station with their goods and usually some samples of the items up for swapping.  A sheet is filled out for each item stating what it is and what it might pair well with.  The first hour of the swap is setting up and testing out the goods.  This a group of amazingly talented people who all brought a variety of items.  Above is only a very small sample of some of what was offered.  It is truly impressive!  Anyway, once you have sampled the goods you can write on the person’s sheet what you might be willing to trade them for.  This is in no way binding, but gives everyone an idea of who they might want to approach come time for the actual swap.  Then it is announced that the swapping will begin and that is where it can get a bit hectic.  Everyone goes to up to the people they are most interested in swapping with and the goods end up going fairly quickly.

For this swap I brought three different things: peach mango jalapeno preserves, tomato basil jam, and pickles made with Troegs Perpetual IPA.  I adore the pickles and others seemed to like them as well.  The tomato jam is also a favorite of mine and it seemed to go over fairly well.  However the peach preserves didn’t really get much love I think and it is rather understandable as I honestly wasn’t too crazy about them myself.  I made them last summer and really enjoyed them but this year I decided to use Pomona’s Pectin which meant I could lower the sugar dramatically.  Thus last summer’s were more of a jam and this summer’s were more of a preserve.  While I certainly don’t think they tasted bad I wasn’t that thrilled by them and ended up with two still left after the swap.

I got some really fantastic items in the trade however: nettle pesto, hot fudge sauce, raw peanut butter and fudge balls, a whoopie pie, a vegan fruit tart, a vegan brownie, hot sauce, worcestershire  sauce, pickled red onions, pickled yellow beets, strawberry rhubarb jam, and balsamic black pepper strawberries!  So excited to find a use for all of them.  The tart, raw balls, and half the pickled beets are already gone though!

The setting for this swap could not have been more perfect.  It took place at the Wyck Garden in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.  It is part of a site that was the home to one family for over 300 years.  Such a great place, especially when you are used to a more modern urban setting.  The next swap will be held on October 4th  at Greensgrow Farm, which is a wonderful urban farm in the Kensington section of Philadelphia (and not far from where I currently live).  Go to the group’s Facebook page for more information and to stay connected!


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§ 2 Responses to Philly Food Swap

  • emmycooks says:

    I wish we had a food swap here in Seattle! It sounds like so much fun.

    • Renee says:

      I’m surprised a city like Seattle wouldn’t have a group like this! The Philadelphia one started up about a year ago I think and if I remember correctly was based on the Brooklyn Swappers group. I found out about it through Twitter and seems like most grow through social media so who knows, all it takes is a few people to start! Definitely a lot of fun!

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