Dogfish Dash 10K Race Recap

October 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

On September 30th I participated in the Dogfish Dash 10K held at the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware (and I am just recapping it now because I am a very lazy blogger).  I signed up for this race, which sold out in a few short hours, back in April not really having any plans on how I would actually get down there or anything because I just selfishly really wanted to run it.  It seemed like the ultimate combination of beer and running, at least within my local area.  This race also has a 5K option for anyone interested in years to come. By the time September came I was very excited for it, especially since it would break up my marathon training for a more ‘fun’ race.  When I signed up I had no intention of doing a full marathon this fall so it is interesting to see how far my running has come.  On Saturday I headed down to Rehoboth Beach, DE where the Dogfish Head Brewpub is located and where the race packet pickup took place.

Oddly, it was my first time visiting Rehoboth Beach and it is definitely a great beach town!  Reminds me of Ocean City, NJ but with the huge added plus of having bars and actual adult things to do.  It was also my only trip to the beach this year (well aside from Puerto Rico in April).  Nice way to close out September.  The Dogfish Head Brewpub is right off the boardwalk and wait for a table actually wasn’t too bad, about 40 minutes.  I made sure to try to the two brewpub exclusive beers available, Wet Hop American Summer which is a wet hopped dark wheat ale and Beard de Garde which is, you guessed it, a biére de garde (made to honor James Beard apparently).  I also had a bit of Bitches Brew because why not?  The food was good classic pub fare with a bit of a twist.  Highly enjoyable, but if this race were any more than a 10K I don’t think it would have been wise to have eaten anything I ordered less than 24 hours beforehand.  Fries, fried pickles, short ribs, bread pudding, cheesecake, and who knows what else from other plates.  Looking back it is a miracle I made it 6.2 miles.  One thing I loved about the menu at Dogfish Head is that many of the items are made with their beers.  Makes sense of course, but still fun to try as I enjoy cooking with beer.

Anyway, after the meal I headed to the hotel and I believe I was actually asleep by 10PM.  Never happens, but felt good.  In the morning we drove to Milton, DE where the actual Dogfish Head Brewery is located.  The 10K race was two loops through what is probably the majority of Milton.  Cute town, but made me realize how much of a city runner I really am.  The first mile was of course very congested and we also had to cross a small, narrow wooden bridge which put a halt on things rather quickly.  After that however it was pretty smooth sailing.  I did get envious of the 5K runners when they were sent in the direction of the brewery.  Mostly because they would be getting beer sooner than I would.  I have never actually run a 10K race so as mentioned in an earlier post my only goal was to finish under 60 minutes.  I am very pleased to say that I finished in 56:39!  Imagine how I would have done if I didn’t insist on fried pickles, cheesecake, and Bitches Brew the night before (probably the same).

Very excited to be firmly middle of the pack.  Feels nice to feel like I’m actually ‘racing’ since when it comes down to it, I’m oddly competitive.  This tends to mean that if I am not super good at something I won’t do it at all, which is of course not a great attitude to have.  Obviously I am not a competitive runner and like with most runners the competitive joy I find in racing is improving on myself.  However it is nice to see that with consistency I have come so far in such a short time.

After the race I enjoyed some 60 Minute IPA and Shelter Pale Ale on the grounds of the brewery and took an abbreviated tour of the inside.  Any day when you have 3 beers before noon has to be a good one, right?  This race is great fun if you are a beer lover and Southern Delaware is quite nice this time of year as well.  I definitely plan on registering for this race in 2013!


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