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So I have been toying with idea of starting a blog again, mostly because I can write far better than I can speak.  Since I have been struggling so hard with forming connections I figure this might be my best bet at the moment.  However, I really have no specific niche where I think any blog of mine would fit.  I guess this is a general “lifestyle” blog if you will.  Which is pretty much exactly what the internet needs more of, right?  But again, I am basically just dying to communicate in some way and therefore should stop caring if this, or I , fit any niche at all.

My name is Renee.  I’m in my early 30’s and I live in Philadelphia, where I have been my entire adult life.  I am in the process of trying to put a life together for myself after kind of falling off the face of the earth for much of my 20’s.  A process that is frustrating difficult.  I try to focus on my health and wellness since it is pretty much the only aspect of life I have any amount of control over.  And I like control even though I realize we are really in control of nothing in the end.  So basically I run, do as much yoga as possible, eat healthy things, eat not-so-healthy things, drink lots of beer, can/preserve, travel, cook, listen to music to stay sane, and so on.  I love life more than ever, but yet in some ways I struggle more than ever.

Anyway, I hope to fill this space with pieces of my life and if I can actually get to know some people out there better through it then that would be a great bonus!


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